Report suggests shifting from print to mobile advertising

A report released by Outsell has predicted that digital advertising budgets will increase this year while money on print advertising will decline.

In the report, Outsell highlighted the rise in mobile marketing stating it had grown 38.1 per cent to $23 billion (£16.1 billion) which makes it “the fifth largest digital category behind social and search”. The study added that many large company marketing departments are identifying mobile as the platform to target for the future.

Of the marketers polled, 54 per cent stated that they would focus on mobile advertising and would attempt to provide new content on a variety of platforms and would refocus their efforts on reaching out to consumers and prospects via new ad formats and tools and that mobile would form the starting point for their marketing campaigns.

Included in the report was the observation that social platforms will continue to grow in popularity for marketing, while data revealed that companies will look to increase in social engagement regarding content generation and brand building.

In particular, the report states that Facebook remains active in reaching out and promoting brands but that Linkedin has gained popularity among the B2B marketers.

“We attribute this increase to the popularity of LinkedIn’s Pulse channels that serve as content funnels for B2B professionals. Twitter and YouTube also figure prominently, though they are leveraged more by consumer-facing marketers, as are Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. All effectiveness scores represent marketers who currently use these platforms,” the report states.

Print advertising looks set to continue to decline, however, as content marketing efforts move online and, in particular, towards social networks. “Non-digital methods like direct mail, custom print, print directories, and advertising in magazines and newspapers all continue to fall due to a higher reliance on digital methods,” the report added.

The growth of mobile will undoubtedly see different methods of content creation and brand development taking place across multiple platforms and channels.

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