'Only half' of digital campaigns reach their audience

You’ve got a message. But is the message getting through?

According to the results of new research, probably not.

Everyone’s running marketing campaigns, from big brands to one-man-bands, but many - nearly half - aren’t reaching the people they want to reach.

Analysis of marketers’ attempts to deliver content to target audiences by Nielsen found that just 47 per cent of content campaigns actually hit - the rest are missing the mark.

The research highlights just how many brands are struggling when it comes to the effective targeting of digital content.

Nielsen found that travel brands (66 per cent) are the most successful at reaching their desired audience, followed by entertainment (64 per cent). However, the consumer goods and retail sectors struggled at 40 per cent and 42 per cent respectively.

“Digital was made out to be the ultimate targeting system and measuring platform, but it has not lived up to that. People soon found it is based more on devices, cookies and impressions than reach,” Barney Farmer, Nielsen’s marketing effectiveness director for the UK and Ireland, told Marketing Week.

“Some marketers think they can just apply traditional marketing to digital. They need to look at digital media on its own and think about how you can target and measure it. On a general level I think the ability to target to the exact audience you want has always been difficult.”

So how to get better?

Well, Mr Farmer says we should look at the travel sector, which not only does marketing well but is successful in reaching the demographics it wants to. He told Marketing Week that its success lies on targeting segments and audiences from the start, when people are more willing to give information away.

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