News Feeds and RSS

With Newsvend custom news articles, your web site will effectively become a news source for your target market.

RSS Newsfeeds
But you can go even further than that with no extra effort (we do it for you). Web users now expect to receive news in a variety of new media formats. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds are one of the most important formats. By offering an RSS news feed of your articles, users can read your headlines in their bookmarks; they can bring in your news headlines onto their own web sites.  When someone clicks on those headlines, they directed to the full story on your website.

News Readers
Many people now view their chosen RSS feeds in an application called a News Reader.  These news readers are sometime hosted applications (i.e. Google Reader, Bloglines, Newsgator) and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

A News reader is sometimes referred to as a news aggregator, as it brings together a central database of news feeds, which is then categorised. This makes it easy for people to locate and subscribe to those news feeds they are most interested in.

Our skilled technical team are on hand to help you get listed with the major news aggregators. They are also available to help with any other technical integration features i.e. inclusion of scripting that adds icon buttons on your news section that instantly allow readers to add your RSS feed to their favourite news reader.

add your news feed to facebook or bebo

Social Networking
Many of the fast-growing social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn now allow their users to include news feeds or links to news stories on their profiles. Integrating your Newsvend news stories into these sites is another method of tapping into the potential of new media to gain more web traffic.


Leverage your 'buzz' factor.


Custom news content is perfect for helping to fuel your social media strategies, encouraging members of your social networks to interact and visit your website.


We have our own network of news hubs on the main social media platforms, to which we can send links to all of your articles, the day they are written. We can also send headlines and links out to your own social media accounts. Together, this forms a powerful propagation system that gets your own content out across the net, encouraging visits and dialogue with prospects and customers.



You are free to use the articles we write for you as many times as you like in any number of formats. Many of our clients have a great deal of success by including the news articles in newsletters to customers and prospects. Our news articles provide ready-made original content to flesh out regular email marketing initiatives.
Responses to this form of 'push marketing' can also provide very useful feedback into customer interests and behaviour. Most email marketing services allow you to track who opens your email newsletters and what they click on when reading them. We have always found email newsletters to be an excellent method of keeping in touch with prospects and clients – and really encourages repeat visits to your website.

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