Marketing campaign needs to focus on 'customer moments'

According to a recent report by eMarketer, most marketing departments are not creating satisfactory customer experiences through their marketing campaigns.

In large companies, those that generate more than $1 billion (£700 million) in sales, more efforts are placed into looking at how much revenue is being generated through marketing campaigns. They look at metrics such as clicks, conversions, shares and traffic as indicators of a campaign's success. What they don't do is map the customer engagement and customer's satisfaction levels.

According to the report, carried out by the CMO Council, nearly half (49 per cent) of marketers feel they need to align the two worlds of sales and support to help offer a better and more rounded customer experience.

The survey identifies that, thanks to the evolution of technology, customers are more readily available and open to receiving information about companies.

However, as the survey shows, this does not mean consumers want to be bombarded with advertising. 28 per cent of marketers that took the survey found that customers are becoming much more 'market savvy' and are more selective about which channels they want to use to engage with companies.

Expectations and experience have also evolved over five years. 36 per cent of marketers are now focusing on specifically targeted content for customers as a personalised customer journey is now expected.

From the survey data, consumers are increasingly putting attracted to “customer moments”, the customer journey and where the customer experience has been enhanced.

The survey, when summarising the benefits of personalising marketing strategy, concludes: “The survey’s results indicate that of various options listed, marketers feel that personalised engagements that take customer preferences and engagements into account represent the campaign element most critical to realising greater revenue and profitability from customer engagements.”

Ways of improving customer experiences offered by the survey include: making content more appealing and interesting; making content easy to locate and relevant; and ensuring that personal content and ads are about the consumer. By improving these areas, more moments are created, and customer stories are made.

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