Customer journey top of marketing teams' strategies

A report released by Salesforce has revealed that 88 per cent of top marketing teams believe that the customer journey is the key to the success of their marketing strategy.

Customer journeys are defined in the report, entitled 'The State of Marketing', by the way consumers interact with a company's brand over a number of marketing channels. Some 73 per cent of all marketers agree that customer journeys have a positive impact on their businesses.

According to the report, collaboration between the sales and marketing teams are seen by 68 per cent of marketers to be essential. Marketers also believe that cooperation between departments will drive up omnichannel customer experiences by as much as 34 times than the current rate.

Adopting marketing technology is another top priority for many marketing departments, with 72 per cent planning on increasing their spending on tools and technology within the next two years. From this group, some 48 per cent are planning on significantly increasing their spending budget on new tools and technologies. Tellingly, the report found that those who used more than twice the amount of tools and technologies as other marketing departments performed better.

The report also found that, between 2015 and 2016, there was a 98 per cent growth in mobile app usage, as well as an 111 per cent increase in SMS usage. The report further states that the majority of marketers are now using forms of mobile strategies in their campaigns.

Content marketing is also mentioned in the report, with marketers agreeing that content marketing is essential for their strategy and 48 per cent seeing a direct link with their revenue streams.

Maggie Lang, senior director of marketing at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, said: “Marketing keeps evolving because customers demand it. It takes a genuine intention to truly understand your customer, a commitment to marketing intelligence and relentless dedication to true personalisation, to deliver on that expectation.”

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