Why storytelling is crucial to your content marketing strategy

Content without a story, is frankly dull. We’ve all been there and read through tedious words from a brand who clearly just wants to sell us a product. With the competition between companies as fierce as ever, it’s important to nail the content strategy down. Which is where storytelling plays a crucial role. We’ll look at the benefits of storytelling and why it can help your marketing strategy.

Customers want to be immersed. Stories bring that immersion. By offering a story as to how XYZ product will benefit consumers, it helps consumers get on board quicker and allows people to hear experiences from other customers. By offering a story, you are offering more than just a list of facts and stats by instead offering an immersive journey with which consumers can invest.

Storytelling for your brand also offers a unique and humanness to your product. With the crowded market, your product needs to stand out or it will get swamped. By offering a unique angle, stories often bring customers on board and offer something a little bit different. By creating stories around your product, you are adding a human element to the product that is more relatable.

By offering real case scenarios as to where the product would be beneficial, as well as getting to know the company personally, you show a certain amount of character, for both the product and the company.

Playing on emotions is also a great way to connect with your relevant demographic/user base. By making people really feel something, they will more readily want to purchase that particular product. Be that from reading text, listening to something or watching a video, an emotional response will drive engagement and sell products!

We’ve covered what storytelling can do to your marketing and in particular your product pitch. In our next blog, we’ll cover how best to master storytelling.

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