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Getting the basics right on a website matters. You need a well-designed website built with search engines in mind, along with static content to ensure visitors know what you do.

But our clients take things a stage further and integrate a tailored online news feed into their site. This news is unique to their site and is listed on their URL rather than that of a third-party provider. The articles are theirs to keep meaning they have an ever-increasing and consistently fresh database of content.

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Articles and analysis

Populating your website with analysis and features about your industry can help make it more attractive. Our clients use this extra Newsvend writing service to create thought-leadership areas on their websites that bring existing and potential customers back again and again.

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Newsvend can deliver content to ensure that your business stands out from its competitors by focusing on two main areas: Audience engagement and SEO.

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SEO consultancy

Newsvend clients know that they can come to us with their site optimisation questions. Our coding experts are always on hand to advise clients on the best way to get their content to work harder for them.

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We are now on the top page of results for all our main search terms. The website news feed appears instantly; we don't have to do anything!'

Managing Director, corporate hospitality firm (London, UK)

I am very happy with the service... in the next few months I want to start using your [online news] service for another website

Partner, law firm (Florida, US)