Video - the future of digital marketing?
Video - the future of digital marketing?
Video marketing really should be an important part of your marketing strategy in the coming year. Creating a short video that talks about your offering and even demonstrates your service gets people hooked.

Prospective clients or customers who are pushed for time (and who isn’t?) aren’t going to spend an age reading through your longer blogs or articles. Sure, existing clients may want to read about your business in more detail but for those who want to get a quick view of what it is you actually do and how you do it, they’ll click on your video.

Decided to give video a whirl? Great, but make sure you do it right. Here’s a few tips on how to make the most of what is arguably the most engaging digital marketing tool:

1. Make your video short and sweet.
Research suggests that most viewers will only watch a video for ten seconds and you’ll need to grab their interest within that time. A great video content creator can help you to do this.

2. If you want your video shared, make it amusing.
Videos that are largely just marketing waffle will not be shared. People want to find out something new, or laugh, or both!

3. SEO the hell out of it.
Make sure your video description is comprehensive enough to enable people to find it through search engines. Google needs a decent description to make sense of your video and include it in search rankings. Use keywords and as much detail as you possibly can.

In conclusion, if you succeed in making a video that entertains or grabs viewers within the first few seconds, you’ve nailed it and return on your investment will follow. Working with content creators who can write engaging scripts might just be the best business investment you'll ever make.



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